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Financial Agreement 30.08.2017In August 2017 Tethys Oil&Mining renewed its international financial agreement for a credit line in value of USD 65 millions for the next two coming years.
News from Gabon 06.10.2017 - In the period 5-12 October 2017, a team of specialists from Tethys Oil&Mining Inc. visited the Republic of Gabon in order to identify opportunities related to the oilfield perimeters in this country.
Completion of 2D and 3D seismic surveys – Mahdia Permit 25.05.2013 - Tethys Oil and Mining Inc. through its subsidiary registered in Tunisia, carried out successful seismic 2D and 3D surveys and interpreted data based by its own concept to pass to a new step of prospecting, research and production on this oilfield concession.
Farm-out: Mahdia Permit – Tunisia 25.07.2013 - On the 23rd of July 2013, Tethys Oil&Mining farmed out the Mahdia block to Circle Oil, an Irish registered company, which became 100% operator of this permit.
Oil field in Kazakhstan 04.09.2010 - A team of specialists started the analysis of North Karamandybas field in Kazakhstan. Existing facilities in the field are already ready to produce 600 bbl/day.
JC Meeting held in Tunis 09.02.2010 After the transformation of the MAHDIA Prospecting Permit into Research Permit, the first Joint Committee Meeting was scheduled for the 9th of February 2010 at the Tethys Tunisian Branch premises in Carthage, Tunis and was chaired by Mr. Gabriel C. Barzescu – President of Tethys Oil&Mining Inc. 
Tunisian Mahdia Research Permit signature 19.12.2009 The company TETHYS OIL and MINING Inc. signed with the Tunisian officials the documents related to the transformation of the MAHDIA Prospecting Permit into Research Permit which will enable the Company to reveal the potential of this oilfield in the next three years.
Mahdia Permit seismic acquisition completed 28.02.2009 - In February 2009 the company Tethys Oil & Mining Inc. announces the successful completion of a 2D marine seismic acquisition program in the Mahdia Permit offshore Tunisia.

Tethys Assets and Operations


Feature 1

Mahdia - Tunisia

Tethys Oil&Mining has been awarded on 2007 to develop the activities of prospecting and research on this oilfield concession. On the 23rd of July 2013 Tethys farmed out the Mahdia block to Circle Oil.

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Mining Latin America

Tethys Oil&Mining Inc. is studying 4 copper mining projects in Chile, looking for potential partners for developing the exploitation of these important opportunities.

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Oil & Gas - Romania

In the near future, Tethys Oil&Mining Inc. will focus its attention to the concession of oil&gas perimeters in Romania.

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Welcome to Tethys Inc.

Main Content 0TETHYS OIL&MINING Inc. is an international exploration and consulting company having its main activities related to the evaluation, research, and exploitation of natural resources, with special emphasis on the oil, gas, and metals sectors.
The company is building up its own portfolio of oil&gas and mining assets, and, in the same time is acting as a consultant, negotiator, and investment advisor for companies interested to enhance their portfolio of natural resources and/or energy assets.

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Tethys Group

Main Content 0 Tethys Oil&Mining Inc. is a key member of a group of companies initially established to meet the rapidly growing demand for value enhancing services to oil, gas and minerals fields world-wide. The group is formed by companies registered in USA, Canada, Romania, Tunisia, Chile, and Kazakhstan . Building on the strengths of its corporate partners and high-caliber organization, our company can offer its clients fully integrated services ranging from drilling and completion to advanced well intervention operations.

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